Our organization was formed by a group of ordinary citizens who share a great love of country and its founding principles of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. While these opportunities are guaranteed to all by the Constitution, the reality is that many of our citizens are being denied such opportunities at the expense of those who have the most powerful voices in Washington.

While we were all created equal, it’s the wealthy and well-connected that control the political agenda. For too long that agenda has favored those at the top of the economic ladder, while those on the lower rungs struggled to make ends meet and support their families.

It’s the regular, working Americans who make our country the greatest in the world. Yet, we are the ones who are continually asked to work harder and longer to pay our bills while the wealthy continue to enjoy the fruits of our labor. Our voices aren’t being heard in Washington and correcting that problem is long overdue. Our organization is committed to securing a virtual seat at the negotiating table by making our positions well-known to our elected representatives.

While the odds may be stacked against us, the numbers are heavily on our side. There are far more of us at the lower end of the economic ladder than there are at the top. If we send loud and clear messages to Washington, they will be heard.

Our goal is to find other like-minded individuals who support our cause of individual freedom and equal opportunity. We want everyone to triumph, but that won’t happen if our politicians and decision-makers continue to be dominated and controlled by the rich and powerful. The success of our friends, families and future generations is at stake, and we want to do everything possible to help them achieve their dreams and aspirations.