We need your help to get our message to Washington, and we’ve made it as easy as possible to accomplish this. Periodically we’ll post letters on our website covering a variety of critical topics. If you agree with our position, we encourage you to put the letter in the hands of your senators and congressman, and even the President. Here are some of the ways you can do this:

  • Email – Most representatives have a contact page on their website. You can copy and paste our letter into the message section of their email form and send it from there.
  • Fax – Print and sign our letter, then fax it to your senators and representative.
  • Mail – Print and sign our letter, then send via snail mail to your senators and representative.

You can find your representatives in the US Congress by clicking here.

You are welcome to send any and all of our letters as often as you want. If you’ve written your own letters that echo our thinking, send them to us and we’ll consider posting them on our site. If you have great ideas on any topic and you haven’t already written letters, send those too and we might write the letter for you. We’ll ask you to provide a release of all rights so that your letters can be used by our visitors on an indefinite basis.

You can also spread the word by posting our website link and letters on Facebook and other social media sites. We’re relying heavily on the Internet and word-of-mouth to broaden our audience. Alert your Twitter followers and email contacts about what we’re doing and ask them to promote our site and message. We don’t have a marketing budget to advertise the site. We’d rather spend our precious resources on supporting the causes you believe are important.

Thanks for endorsing and encouraging our efforts, and if you’d like to offer your financial support, please do Support Us.