• Gun Control – It’s Time!

    Dear Congressman,

    The time for reasonable restrictions on gun ownership is long overdue. We’ve already endured far too many mass shootings of innocent Americans, including children who barely started their first year of school. How many more of these tragedies must happen before our representatives in Washington do something about it?

    Our Constitutional rights are not unlimited. The First Amendment right to free speech doesn’t mean you can slander someone or yell “fire” in a crowded theater. The need for order and safety dictates that restrictions are necessary for public protection. The same logic plainly applies to guns. Read more →

  • Senate Filibuster Reform

    Dear Congressman,

    Everyone who has seen the movie “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” remembers the image of an exhausted Jimmy Stewart single-handedly defeating a bill that threatened the nation. This romantic version of political history is more myth than fact.

    It was never the intent of the framers of the Constitution to bestow the Senate minority with that kind of stopping power. It was James Madison who strongly opposed the idea of requiring a supermajority to prevent legislation from being rushed to a vote without proper deliberation. For two decades, the Senate held to Madison’s view and ended debates with a simple majority. Read more →

  • Voters First, Not Donors

    Dear Congressman,

    I’m very concerned about the direction our country is headed, and I believe it’s time to change the way we elect our political leaders. The voices of the American people are being drowned out by big money – the kind of money that only corporations, special interest groups, and powerful lobbyists can afford to pay. In this recent election, we’re talking about billions of dollars spent, not millions. What will be the total amount spent in 2016?

    It’s more than just a money problem. Instead of paying attention to constituents, our politicians cater to the biggest donors looking for influence and political favors. While they deny they expect anything in return, these donors don’t fork over huge sums of money with no strings attached. No one believes that for a minute. Read more →

  • Bush Tax Cuts

    Dear Congressman,

    President Obama was re-elected based on his stated intention to extend the so-called “Bush tax cuts” only for middle and lower income Americans. Those with upper incomes don’t need tax cuts and it’s time to make them pay their fair share with a balanced approach to increasing revenues and reducing spending.

    We’re rapidly approaching the end of the year when those tax cuts expire for everyone. If nothing is done, the tax bill for Americans next year will increase by over $400 billion, with a disproportionate share falling on those who can least afford to pay it. Not only will the middle class end up paying much higher taxes, but arbitrary spending cuts will go into effect across the board. These cuts will directly impact those who can’t find a job and who depend on the federal safety net for their very survival. Most Americans simply cannot afford the country to go over the Fiscal Cliff. Read more →